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DJ rack road table with 2 turntables and mixer RackMatic (MC84) ( )

DJ rack road table with 2 turntables and mixer RackMatic (MC84)
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DJ rack road table with 2 turntables and mixer RackMatic (MC84)

Nr. identyfikacyjny produktu: 2277230
Suitcase for laptop DJ music equipment footings that integrates and converts the bag into a DJ table. It is a chest with padded interior with 3 divisions. Designed to set two turntables SL-1200 in the side modules and mixer rack 19 format \"in the central module. Both the lid and the box are fully padded, so that when the lid is closed are fully fixed equipment. interior prepared for the passage of cables between the compartments and exit to the outside. Made of plywood black color 9 mm laminated melamine in the same color. Profiled corners and protected 35x35mm aluminum section. Model with built at one end to load the box on trolley wheels format.

External dimensions of the box (width x height x depth): 1527 x 550 x 240mm. Measurements of the lateral divisions (W x D): 455 x 355 mm. Height of the table mounted (top): 930 mm. Central module rack guides 19 \"tilt of 20 degrees and prepared for installation of components rack 19\" to 10U high. The side modules are designed to accommodate a turntable SL-1200 or the like. Measurements can be variable to have a acolchado generously on all sides. The central module is designed to accommodate a rack type mixer 19 \". Weight vacuum box: 27.5 Kg. Top cover divided into two parts. The two caps make function supports the table. Further it includes two parts for joining the foot and give greater stability to the table. Closures: 8 butterfly closures for the upper caps. 3 handles later
Słowa klucze: DJ rack road Kategoria: Obraz i dźwięk > Profesjonalny sprzęt video i audio > Sterowniki DJ
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