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Server rack cabinet 19 inch 42U 600x1000x2000mm floor standing MobiRack HQ by
Server rack cabinet 19 inch 42U 600x1000x2000mm floor standing MobiRack HQ by
3 582,24 zł / jdn
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Server rack cabinet 19 inch 42U 600x1000x2000mm floor standing MobiRack HQ by

  • Czas dostawy:4 dni
3 582,24 zł /jednostka
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Server rack cabinet 19 inch 42U 600x1000x2000mm floor standing MobiRack HQ by

Rack cabinet 19 \"model brand RackMatic MobiRack HQ. Rack 19\" height 42U and outer size of 600 mm (width) x 1000 (bottom) x 2000 (H). Racks 19 \"high quality finishes. Made of high quality steel 1.2mm thick, painted in black color. Fitted with rack system very quickly and with little mounting hardware. Features professional and suitable for assembly halls rackmount servers19 \".

Rack 19 \"range of high quality HQ RackMatic MobiRack. Outside Size: 600 (W) x 1000 (bottom) x 2000 (H) mm. Height: 42U. Useful depth (distance between the front frame and back of the closet): 940 mm. The rack 19 \"front/rear racks are adjustable in depth, as they are mounted on rails that allow for movement. Compatible with ANSI/EIA RS-310-D, IEC60297-2, DIN41494 (PART1) and DIN41494 (part7) standards. Supports 19 \"International Standards, ETSI. Cabinet made of steel SPCC 1.2mm thick. Painted in black (RAL 9004). Special profiles that mounts with 8 screws. Installation fast and strong. Maximum static load supported: 1,300 Kg. Front/Rear DoorDouble sheet with holes for better ventilation. The double leaf opening allows comfortable in confined spaces. More comfortable into the cabinet 19 \"access. Opening angle of each door 180 degrees. Handle and lock with safety key for the front and back door. Input/output cables through the top/bottom case. Steps cable supplied me with lids defaulttálicas sliders that allow you to set the opening for the passage of cables. The top cover is adapted for installation of four side 120mm. 2 fans installed, plug into the mains 220 VAC, supplied by Schuko-male terminated cable. System 2 vertical columns for sorting/fixing cables. Cables circulate vertically through these columns, which permite perfect cable management within the cabinet. Tray system mounting side. Width of 493 mm lateral fixation. Removable side covers. The covers are supplied without lock. You can purchase key locks provide greater security to the cabinet (reference #WO35). Each side has 2 separate lids. It has a total of 4 side covers. Armario comes with wheels for easy mobility of the same. Four adjustable feet are provided to configure the enclosure in a fixed position and adjustable in height. Possibility of acquiring anti-roll fitting (part #WN71). Accessory securing the cabinet to the floor by the front/rear. Ability to acquire a plinth drawer or lower (reference #WN83). This is a box on which apoya closet, leaving hidden the closet floor. This allows you to hide the wires coming out of the closet on the lower lid. Ideal for chaining multiple closets in server rooms, as the feedthrough between different enclosures are manufactured by the bottom drawer or plinth. Possibility of acquiring the system binding two closets (reference #WN91). It is 4 metal pieces that attach 2 closets. For binding dutywithout installing the side covers of the two cabinets, the sides that go together. Package Includes hardware for attaching accessories rack 19 \"(40 units). Packaging information
Bundle 1: 207 x 103 x 13 cm. Package 2: 207 x 103 x 13 cm. Package 3: 95 x 62 x 13 cm. Total weight: 131 kg.
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Słowa klucze: Server rack cabinet
Nr. identyfikacyjny produktu: 2339947 | Sprzedawca Cablematic
  • Data dodania produktu 01/11/2014
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  • Zmiany wprowadzone przez sprzedawcę. 21/02/2017
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