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Compact GSM alarm with wireless sensors and emergency button model SS608 (LA26) ( )

Compact GSM alarm with wireless sensors and emergency button model SS608 (LA26)
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Compact GSM alarm with wireless sensors and emergency button model SS608 (LA26)

Nr. identyfikacyjny produktu: 2961161
Alarm system for home or business that allows it to be extended to all kinds of wireless sensors. Lets be connected to the GSM mobile phone network so that when the alarm makes calls to predefined by the user to alert the potential intrusion or alarm. Economic system in which companies selling alarm center services are not needed, eliminating monthly costs forsimple intermediaries between the alarm and the client. The alarm center can be your own mobile phone, which ultimately is where you end up calling a company alarm center. There are mobile operators that do not charge overhead if no call is not effected, so you may have contracted a GSM SIM and have no fixed costs, except calls.

Central unit of small size and advanced design. Size 115 x 80 x 18 mm. Made of white plastic with silver accents. Model 4-band GSM operations: 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz. The central unit has large SOS button red. Ideal for a quick and easy operation of emergency. It has LEDs for alarm status. Programming and controlAlarm is carried out remotely by sending SMS messages GSM mobile telephony. It also supports the schedules of arming and disarming the alarm. Allows up to 99 wireless sensors, 16 remote controls, and 99 areas. Anti-interference function and anti-decoding the remote control. Includes a wireless magnetic sensor, a wireless volumetric sensor, two controlsradio frequency remote, siren, and the power supply to the central unit. Allows up to 6 phone numbers to the alarm calls to report the activation of a sensor or send an SMS. Allows remote access via telephone line to run most typical commands: armed, disarmed, hear ambient sound, activating the siren, etc. Allows remote monitoring of the installation location of the alarm. This feature lets you hear ambient sound. It also allows oral communication, using the alarm as a mobile phone. Lets make and receive calls on mobile phones. Allows installation of wireless and wireline additional sensors. The installation and coding of the new sensors is quick and simple as the unit central should simply recognize the new sensors. Compatible with wireless accessories ranges #LB0x, #LB1x, #LB2x, #LB3x, #LB4x, #LB5x, #LB6x, #LB7x, #LB8x and #LB9x. The supplied remote control with 4 buttons with the following functions: armed, part set (night), disarmed and emergency. In addition to alarm allows programming of an action plan emergency when press the emergency button on the remote control or alarm. This feature is ideal for elderly care. Recording audio message. This speech will be the one played When making calls to a jump of alarm. Includes rechargeable internal battery of 1000 mAh, which ensure the operation of 10 hours in case of failure of the power line. All operatiyou\'re local or remote configuration, are protected by password access. SMS alert to any event: power failure, restoring power, low battery, etc. Easy to use and install. Any home or business can have an installed. Control applications SMS commands, available for Android and iOS (iPhone). The manuals are supplied in English.
Słowa klucze: Compact GSM alarm Kategoria: Bezpieczeństwo i ochrona > Alarmy > Alarmy drzwiowe

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