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GSM Alarm with SOS button and volumetric magnetic sensors (LA21 0002) ( )

GSM Alarm with SOS button and volumetric magnetic sensors (LA21-0002)
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GSM Alarm with SOS button and volumetric magnetic sensors (LA21-0002)

Nr. identyfikacyjny produktu: 3861752
GSM alarm with large SOS button on the control module. It connects via GSM mobile phone. Economic and easily programmable via SMS. The alarm has a large SOS button on the front panel. Designed primarily for ease of use, and to install in older people, requiring special attention and control. Ideal for remote medical emergencies. It also has an LCD display that reports the statusalarm. Model includes power supply (12V/1A), volumetric sensor, magnetic sensor and central unit.

GSM alarm enabling operational by SMS commands: arming, partial arming, disarming, configuration and alarm status. The user may have saved SMS messages, the most common operations. Programming authorized numbers 6to be managers. These numbers can receive calls, SMS or both. Authorize also allow other phone numbers for access to the basic functions of the alarm. Listening function at the location of the alarm. The alarm has integrated microphone. Before an alarm jump, immediately sending SMS to the authorized phone numbers. Compatible with wireless detectors. sistLearning ema code for safety. Supports 17 wireless zones. Programming and operating different zones: normal, partial, at home, entrance area, 24 hours audio, 24 hours of silence, local area, SOS zone, and timbre + area. SMS specific programming for each zone. It has output for connecting external siren. Protection against power failure andxternal. automatic SMS sending to authorized users. internal battery ensures operation in case of power cut. also powers the siren. Using Caller ID (Caller ID) for safety. Unauthorized calls are ignored. Optionally you can be used in the SMS password for added security. SMS based systemGSM mobile phone. It can be used anywhere. On the back cover to have access to connectors and controls the alarm. Connectors for power supply (12V + and 12V-), external siren (S + and S-), DIN, and GND. On the back has SIM card socket. On the front has LCD display indicating the status of the alarm. built-in microphoneown alarm sound listening environment. Slot in the front for audio input. Size: 130 x 130 x 24 mm. Dual-band GSM model: 900 and 1800MHz. The central unit has no keypad and alarm programming is carried out via SMS messages. Anti-interference function and anti-decoding the remote control. Allows remote monitoring of installation alarm. This feature allows you to hear ambient sound. It allows us to establish a bi-directional hands-free communication, so that telephone communication is possible bi-directional environment. Allows installation of more sensors and wireless sensors. The installation and coding of the new sensors is quick and easy as the central unit must simply recognize the new sensors. Compatible with accessories #LB0x, #LB1x, #LB2x, #LB3x, #LB4x, #LB5x, #LB6x, #LB7x, #LB8x and #LB9x. command is supplied at a distance, type key ring, for wireless alarm management. wireless magnetic sensor is provided for application on doors and windows. wireless volumetric sensor is supplied. The manuals are available in English.
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