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DC people counter system (SG41 0002) ( )

DC people counter system (SG41-0002)
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DC people counter system (SG41-0002)

Nr. identyfikacyjny produktu: 5850115
People counter barrier type. Installs in access which have interested the flow of people and the system stores the number of people per hour and day. It consists of two detectors that must be aligned so as to cross a person is detected and coupled to the internal counter. It also has two counters to identify number of people who have crossed in the last hour, and throughout the day. Ideal for withcontrolling the flow of people access to facilities.

Easy installation of the two detectors that must be aligned to form an invisible barrier that being active cross the counter. Stores the passage of persons with date and time information. Lets see people in passing hour and day level. Management by counting direction Windows program supplied. 1.15 LCD Display \"showing the results and allows the system configuration. Has 4 control buttons and settings. Internal memory can store up to 500 hours of data. Connecting and downloading data via USB port. Supplied USB cable for PC connection. Maximum distance between detectors 3 m. Each module works with two batteries of 1.5 VAA type. Supplied with mounting kit made of ABS plastic. The LCD emits a flash of light when detecting a person. Internal timer with programmable time to optimize operational performance and have better battery performance. Low battery indicator and low signal on the LCD.
Słowa klucze: DC people counter Kategoria: Narzędzia do pomiaru i analizy > Analizatory > Mierniki stężenia

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