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GSM remote control 4 inputs and 2 digital outputs (LA52 0002) ( )

GSM remote control 4 inputs and 2 digital outputs (LA52-0002)
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GSM remote control 4 inputs and 2 digital outputs (LA52-0002)

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GSM terminal has 4 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs. All these ports are controlled remotely via the GSM telephone network and a mobile phone by sending SMS messages. It is therefore possible to enable and disable devices via digital outputs and can know the status of devices via the digital inputs. Socket has 3V SIM card in your owndevice. Ideal for home automation applications, security and alarms, remote device activation, remote control processes, etc.

GSM device mounted on black colored metal case ready to be fixed on wall. It has socket for the insertion of GSM phone SIM card. There are mobile phone companies do not charge fixed monthly fee sothe connection may even be free. You only pay for the purchase of the SIM card. The communication from the terminal GSM mobile phone SMS (short messages) and vice-versa is done. It has 1 digital output (240 VAC @ 3A) that can be independently controlled GSM sending a very simple syntax message. It has 1 digital output (240 VAC @ 3A) that can be activated directamentand for 4 minutes when one of the digital inputs are active. It has 4 digital inputs that can be controlled independently. You can send a status request to the GSM terminal and this sends an SMS with the status of the inputs. Ability to automate the sending of SMS with programmable to any change in any of the inputs independently for each input. Input status: NC, NO or EOL. USB port (mini USB 5-pin female) for programming a device des Windows-based computer. software programming and device management is provided. Microphone input and speaker output to monitor the environment and to maintain a bi-directional communication of ambient sound, like a mobile phone voice it were. It has two 3.5 mm minijack connectors HEMBRto. 3.5 mm female minijack connection for connecting an external siren is programmed to run when one of the input sensor is triggered. Security. Possibility of having a list of up to 5 phones that are called to report the break one of the inputs and up to 3 phones to which an SMS message is sent to the variation of one of the digital inputs. alte protectionrnativa by password to prevent unauthorized access and controls. SMS messages to function time-stamping (messages marked with the time and date). Possibility of connecting all types of sensors inputs. Compatible with GSM 900, 1800 and 1900 MHz. It supplied with power supply 12 VDC (2.0 A). It has SMA port for connecting an external GSM antenna (included). </ Li> Connection via terminals. Size: 153 x 86 x 28 mm. It has an internal battery for standalone operation against power outages (3.7 V 1200 mAh Li-On).
Słowa klucze: GSM remote control Kategoria: Silnik > Automotive Electronics > Nawigacja GPS

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