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SweetLight USB to DMX 512 channels with remote (XC93) ( )

SweetLight USB to DMX 512 channels with remote (XC93)
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SweetLight USB to DMX 512 channels with remote (XC93)

Nr. identyfikacyjny produktu: 2069575
USB to DMX controlling up to 512 DMX channels from a Windows or Mac OS computer adapter. It is a USB adapter with a 3 pin XLR female connector with the DMX512 protocol. Model that can store up to 19 scenes and operate autonomously. Scenes are activated by remote control or the date and time of the event program. Ability to download the software free of charge from the webl manufacturer.

B Female to USB Interface DMX512 XLR 3pin female connector. Supports up to 512 DMX channels DMX unlimited devices. Mounted on metal frame size 110 x 88 x 44 mm t with 3 LED status indicators. Allows the use of the software manufacturer without any limitation. Optical isolation for DMX output. Remote control is provided for selecting scenes, and operating speed adjustment. It has 18 program selection buttons and 3 buttons for speed setting. Internal calendar fcheck and time that allows the activation of each of the scenes independently. Ultimately allows the programming of events. IR sensor on the front panel. Allows connection of an external IR sensor (not included). DC jack socket for connecting an external power supply 9-12 VDC 300 mA. The power supply is not included and their use is not always necessary, as it can getto run the power from the USB port. 6pin mini DIN connector for connecting external contacts (external alarms and events). SweetLight Software for Windows and Mac OS downloadable from the manufacturer\'s website http://www.sweetlight-controller.com The software consists of various applications addressing DMX, creating scenes, live events and chronological, 3d rendering. It has a control center called ControlBoard from which you can access all the programs. Live Mobile App for iPhone and Android that lets you control DMX devices remotely. It connects via IP with SweetLight software and access the control DMX devices. Supplied USB Cable A Male to B Male.
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