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Serial RS232 can bus adapter ser can converter (TC82) ( )

Serial RS232 can bus adapter ser-can converter (TC82)
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Serial RS232 can bus adapter ser-can converter (TC82)

Nr. identyfikacyjny produktu: 2072926
RS-232 adapter manufacturer CAN VS-COM. The CAN bus is used for control and monitoring applications.

CAN specifications
Speed: 1Mbit/s for transmission and reception. Signal: CAN_H, CAN_L, CAN_GND, CAN_V + and GND. Controller: SJA1000 (Philips). Transceiver: TJA1050 (Philips). CAN LEDs: Activity and Error. Connector: DB9-Male.

Specification isions Series RS-232
Interface: RS-232 to 115 kbps. Supported systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS and any system that supports serial port to 115200/8N1 with RTS/CTS. RS-232 LEDs: Power. Connector: DB9-Female.

Driver and Software
Bookseller: Simple Features access to all VSCOM CAN products that support Linux and Windows. CANFestival: Examples CANopenshow communication master/slave. CAN Speed: Selectable up to 1 Mbit/s. Transfer: ASCII mode coding. CAN listen mode: Passive reception of CAN frames without ACK bits or frames of error. Monitoring tool: VSCOM USB-CAN is supported by CANHacker.

Food and Environment
Power: Max. 1.25W. Food: 5VDC (max 250 mA.). power source is supplied. Size: 52 x 66 x 23 mm. metal casing 1mm thick. Weight: 120 grams.
Słowa klucze: Serial RS232 can Kategoria: Informatyka > Kable do komputera > Kable IEEE 1394 równoległe

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