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Portable Photo Studio 75cm with softbox and flash (QB21) ( )

Portable Photo Studio 75cm with softbox and flash (QB21)
Czas dostawy: 4 dni Produkt niedostępny
Opis produktu

Portable Photo Studio 75cm with softbox and flash (QB21)

Nr. identyfikacyjny produktu: 2067392
Kit includes a small portable photo studio that allows photography of still lifes and home product. The study size is 75 cm side. It consists of 3 spots type softbox for lateral and overhead lighting. This makes the shadows eliminated in studio photography.

Composition of the photo studio kit
Cubic photo studio side similar to our r 75 cmeference #EV96. The study was carried in a flat bag with handle that unfolds becoming a cubic edge photo studio 75 cm. It includes the study, light filters and 4 different colored backgrounds (chroma key). It mounts and dismounts in seconds with its convenient bag with handle, easily transported. It includes everything you need for photography studio to perform catalogs. The studio set is shaped de cube of side 75 cm, leaving open the front and top for photos front or zenith respectively. The sides of the cube are white filters from which the diffuse light completely eliminates shadows generated by the object. 4 backgrounds of different color (blue, white, red and black) are supplied. Each of these funds has a bright side and a matte to obtain the best contrast combining colors andtextures. The funds are secured by adhesive tape to study creating an infinite background. 3 lights of window light diffuser type or continuous light softbox that generates indirect diffuse soft. It is a complete lighting window composed of 70x50 cm window, fabric diffuser, E27 lamp holder, patella fixing and electric cable support 1.80 cm switch. That is a complete window light continua merely requires a support (as our references #EW3x). The bell shaped silver reflective inverted funnel directs light to a diffusing fabric surface. Maximum aperture of the front of the hood 70 x 50 cm. Fixing system has to support with spigot 5/8 \"and swivel to adjust the tilt of the window. This bell is disposed above the photo studio. A softbox is available inupper part for an overhead light. The other two softbox are arranged on the sides to avoid shadows. 3 flash with standard E27 and 45W power lamp. The flash fires to receive the wireless signal that sends the transmitter unit. The transmitter unit can be connected to the camera in two ways: directly to the hot shoe flash or via sync cable flash (incluido 4.5m) it has connector minijack 2.5 \"female. Recycling time 2 to 3 seconds. operational distance of 10 m. Color temperature 5500-5600 K. Flash Duration 1/. 1000 seconds has 2 LED indicators oN and READY Size:.. 14 cm (high) x 9 cm (diameter) Meets ISO-100 and GN-25 rules. wireless remote trigger. It Contecta hot-shoe connector or flash shoe of the camera. ANDRF wireless signal allows firing the flash bulbs. It also includes RF receiver to connect to another auxiliary focus. 2 Support for side pockets. Similar to our reference #EW31. Support for folding tripod lighting type. It consists of base 3 feet drop down and extensible mast. Ideal for any type of continuous light or flash modeling. Support divided into two telescoping sections and finished. Spigot 5/8 \"Made in black aluminum Pipe section (first section). 23.5 mm Pipe section (second section). 20.1 mm Fold size. Minimum height 25 cm. : 29 cm maximum height:.. 43 cm maximum load: 2 Kg.
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