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Studio lighting kit H (EW58) ( )

Studio lighting kit H (EW58)
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Studio lighting kit H (EW58)

Nr. identyfikacyjny produktu: 2070409
Studio Lighting Kit presented unassembled in a convenient carrying case. This allows you to mount in minutes a photo studio at home. It includes the following components:
3 extension supports focus of maximum height 180 cm. 3 studio flash and 180 W 5500K. Window 1 octagonal light diffuser 55 cm in diameter. One rectangular window light diffuser65 x 50 cm. 1 honeycomb 105 mm in diameter. Carrying case with black nylon handles size 77 x 26 x 27 cm with wheels and spacers (as our reference #EK55). Supports focus of 180 cm
Support for folding tripod lighting type. It consists of 3-foot drop base and extensible mast. Ideal for any type of continuous light from modelaje or flash. . Holder divided into 3 sections telescopic spigot ended 5/8 \"Made of aluminum black. Pipe section (first section): 23 mm. Pipe section (second section): 20 mm. Pipe section (third section): 16 mm. Folded size: 70 cm. Minimum height: 70 cm. Maximum Height: 180 cm. Maximum load: 3 kg</ Ul> Flash Bulbs 180W
Power flash lamp 180 W power configurable from 1 to 1/4. Power modeling lamp 50 W. It has 3 shooting options: manual, by photoelectric or sync cable connected to the camera cell. Has controls for ON/OFF general ON/OFF Flash ON/OFF light modeling, manual shutter flash and potentiometer for regulating the flash (1/4 to 1). It has 3.5mm minijack connector for connecting the flash sync cable. Number of ISO-100 guide: GN38. Recharge Time: 1.2 to 2.2 seconds. Color Temperature: 5500 ° K ± 200 ° K. Overload protection, short circuit and overheating. It has adjustable tilt and swivel Holeor fixing a reflector umbrella. It has universal connector 120 mm diameter for attaching accessories (reflectors, snoot, barn doors, etc..). It connects directly to the mains 220 VAC. Supplied with 4.5 m power cable type a male schuko clover Male to IEC 60320 C5. The C6 features flash connector. Sync Cable 4.5 m at one end has connector m3.5mm inijack that plugs into focus and at the other end of adapter attaches to the hot shoe of the camera. Mounted on tubular structure with gray ABS plastic handle for easy handling. Size: 220 x 120 x 220 mm. Model same as our reference #EJ01. Octagonal window light diffuser 55 cm in diameter
Softbox light or softboxoctagonal shape that generates soft diffuse indirect light. Complete kit with softbox lighting is an artificial light (not included) and a reflective silver bell shaped inverted funnel that directs light to a surface of diffuser fabric. Supplied with reflective hood, 8 flexible rods, fabric diffuser to focus adapter with universal mounting (ring diameter of 12 cm) ring. A
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