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RF Remote Shutter for Sony Aputure Pro Coworker (EZ36) ( )

RF Remote Shutter for Sony Aputure Pro Coworker (EZ36)
Czas dostawy: 4 dni Produkt niedostępny
Opis produktu

RF Remote Shutter for Sony Aputure Pro Coworker (EZ36)

Nr. identyfikacyjny produktu: 2070127
Aputure Pro Coworker Remote Shutter is a device that allows remote trigger a camera. The connection can be made directly via cable or wirelessly by radio frequency (433 MHz). Ideal for nature photography or where the photographer can not be near the camera or can not move when the shutter. In wireless operation allows transmission at an approximate distanceup to 40-50 m (conditions apply).

It consists of two parts:
Remote control remote (Tx). Has shot button. The remote release allows half-press operation (auto-focus and auto-sizing), the total pulse (trigger) and long press (bulb or operational programmed shutter speed mode). It also has a selector for normal or with delay (fixed timer) operation. Functionone with a stack of 12 V at 23 A. Transmission channel selector (16 channels). Bicolor LED status indicator. Plug cable to the camera module. It can act as receiver RF signal or as a remote control cable connected to the camera. This module provides support hot-shoe connector for attachment to the flash shoe, but can also act as a self-timer. Disp button featuresring and ON/OFF switch. Powered by 2 x AAA batteries. Selector transmission channel (16 channels). Definitely sends the trigger signal coming from the switch module itself or the remote control away. Supplied with connection cable camera model supported.
Remote control distance. Local module. 23A 12V battery. Battery 1,5V AAA (2 units). Cable connection to the local module camera. Compatibility (may be compatible with more models)
Sony A99, A560, A580, A450, A55, A33, A500, A550, A850, A900, A350, A300, A200, A700, A100, A77, A65, A35, A390 and A290.
Słowa klucze: RF Remote Shutter Kategoria: Obraz i dźwięk > Kamery video > Inne akcesoria do kamer

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