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Support dslr Rig Cage (QA06) ( )

Support dslr Rig Cage (QA06)
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Support dslr Rig Cage (QA06)

Nr. identyfikacyjny produktu: 2067788
Support structure for DSLR or Video Camera (DSLR rig). Kit includes 3 parts and does not require adding any additional supplement. Includes the following 3 parts:
Structure for attaching camera that allows accessories. Wizard of aluminum for the comfortable grip of the camera. 15mm double tubular structure. This multipurpose structure fits many models of cameras and lenses,allows the connection of a video camera or DSLR DVR. This allows the camera to provide stability and comfort for the camera operator, who has an ergonomic support. Made in black aluminum Premium. Structure on which the camera is installed and which can set all kinds of accessories compatible with universal thread 1/4 \".

Structurea large ergonomic handle so you can grasp the structure comfortably. Structure which avoids sharp movements and facilitates operator tasks. Solid rectangular frame around the camera with 20 female fourth thread \"universal, allowing to fit all kinds of accessories (flash, focus, LCD screen, microphone, etc..). 16 threads for tripod attachment that allow the camera to orientneeds. Zapata thread with universal 1/4 \"male to fix the DSLR camera. Can be adapted to different models of DSLR camera and DVR. Removable. Systems and manual locking screw. Tubular structures that can be fitted or set other accessories like flash, focus, fine focus adjustment, visors, etc..
Słowa klucze: Support dslr Rig Kategoria: Obraz i dźwięk > Kamery video > Inne akcesoria do kamer
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