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Secant Case 70x95mm Canon EF lens (JE54) ( )

Secant Case 70x95mm Canon EF lens (JE54)
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Secant Case 70x95mm Canon EF lens (JE54)

Nr. identyfikacyjny produktu: 2068615
Case Blotter objectives. It is a specially designed sleeve to transport objectives and lenses, so that they remain perfectly fixed inside and protected from shock and moisture, thanks to the blotting material in the cover and that absorbs moisture. It consists of 3 parts.
The housing resistant translucent plastic anti-static. Protects the camera from bumps, pressure, water, dirt and deselectrostatic charges. Mount or internal fixation for the lens or lenses. Emulates the lens mount that is designed for this case. This makes the lens is fixed inside the sheath of the same form which would be set in the camera. The lid is screwed to the casing and which contains a reservoir which is filled with silica gel properties of the moisture absorption. Supplieda bag of silica gel beads moisture level indicator (orange and white indicates moisture dry). The lid has a rubber gasket for a tight seal. Model designed to mount Canon EF and inside the casing size of 70mm diameter and 95mm height.
Słowa klucze: Secant Case 70x95mm Kategoria: Obraz i dźwięk > Kamery video > Osłony na obiektyw

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