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Portable Photo Studio 50x50x50 cm with 4 chroma (EV95) ( )

Portable Photo Studio 50x50x50 cm with 4 chroma (EV95)
Czas dostawy: 4 dni Produkt niedostępny
Opis produktu

Portable Photo Studio 50x50x50 cm with 4 chroma (EV95)

Nr. identyfikacyjny produktu: 2071850
Portable photo studio for studio photographs of objects. It has never been easier to take pictures of objects with a mask color (chroma key) to easily remove the funds. The kit is transported in a flat bag with handle that unfolds becoming a cubic edge photo studio 50 cm. It includes the study, light filters and 4 different colored backgrounds (chroma key). Mounts and desmonta in seconds and with comfortable suitcase handle, can be easily transported.

It includes everything you need for photography studio to perform catalogs. The studio set is shaped cube of side 50 cm, leaving open the front and top for photos front or zenith respectively. The sides of the cube are white filters from which proviene fully diffused light that eliminates shadows generated by the object. 4 different color backgrounds (blue, white, red and black) are supplied. Each of these funds has a bright side and a matte to obtain the best contrast combining colors and textures. The funds are secured by adhesive tape to study creating an infinite background. The study is a 50 cm cube edge.
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