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LED moving sign programmable scrolling message sign board 120x7 red LED (LE25) ( )

LED moving sign programmable scrolling message sign board 120x7 red LED (LE25)
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LED moving sign programmable scrolling message sign board 120x7 red LED (LE25)

Nr. identyfikacyjny produktu: 2072296
Electronic illuminated sign DisplayMatic brand based on LED technology. The LED illuminated signs are the ideal to advertise any post at any shop, industry, vehicle, office, etc. They can be used as an economical and dynamic to static labels shops expensive alternative because it possible to vary the message as needed. Supplied with metal tabs that allow fijar label to the wall or ceiling and change its direction for better visibility. The label programming is done via the included remote or through RS232 serial port.

Brand neon sign: DisplayMatic. Model of a single line of text and/or graphic effects. Screen Size of LEDs: 924 x 52 mm. Size carhouse label: 964 x 96 x 34 mm. Sign Weight: 1,725 g. A matrix composed of seven LEDs 120 x (H x V) display. LED size 7.62mm. LED Lamp Technology TW-gloss to high light environments. Red LED ultra bright thought to install outdoor lighting conditions, with direct incidence of sunlight. LED technology of low consumo and long life. Work with 5 VDC to 2 A. Power Supply 220 VAC is supplied to 5 VDC (3 A). It has serial interface RJ11 female connector. 8 m cable DB9 female to RJ11 male supplied. This allows connection to a computer for programming. A very simple utility for programming from Windows is supplied. The viewer has IR receiver (infrarrojos) and remote control for programming it directly and without using a computer. Possibility of remote programming via USB, LAN, GSM (SMS), etc., using the appropriate adapters connected to the RS232 serial port viewfinder. The possibilities are many as needed. It has predefined character set but the user can design their own characteris or graphics.
Słowa klucze: LED moving sign Kategoria: Komponenty elektroniczne > Neony > Wyświetlacze LED

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