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Flexible led strip 13 lm/led 60 led/m 5m Bright White IP65 (LR55 0002) ( )

Flexible led strip 13 lm/led 60 led/m 5m Bright White IP65 (LR55-0002)
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Opis produktu

Flexible led strip 13 lm/led 60 led/m 5m Bright White IP65 (LR55-0002)

Nr. identyfikacyjny produktu: 3184141
Flexible LED strip ideal for lighting interior spaces. Innovative lighting system, easy to install, pleasant and low consumption. Easy installation and connection because it is cut with scissors in sections of 5 cm to adapt the length. As it is for outdoor, adhesive is not supplied to fix the LED strip, it being the responsibility of the user to acquire a product for fixing.

Specifications Strip of 60 LEDs per meter. 12 to 13 lumen per LED. Intense white LEDs (color temperature of 6300-7000 degrees Kelvin). Consumption: 14.4 W per meter. Operating voltage: 12 VDC. Cut each section of 3 LEDs (5 cm sections). Presented in a 5 m coil. PCB width of 12 mm (cover included). IP65 protection against water. It has a cover de rectangular section silicone that covers the PCB on all sides. In addition to the protection IP65 confers more protection to the electronics and the LEDs of the strip. It has a 25 cm cable welded to the LED strip. Requires 2-wire electric cable (V + and V-). This cable guarantees the IP65 and has threaded DC connectors at the ends. Requires 12 VDC power supply such as our referencias #VF1x or #FA1x. You can solder the power cables to the PCB tracks of the LED strip or use our range of connectors #VF5x or #VF6x. Maximum length of a segment of 10 m. It is possible to use different segments connected to the same power supply or to use feedback devices. Strip SMD 505 based on chips of 3 lights and size 5x5 mm.
Słowa klucze: Flexible led strip Kategoria: Oświetlenie > Oświetlenie LED > Paski LED

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