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Rackmatic usb and PS2 kvm Switch 16 Port 1U (KV02 0002) ( )

Rackmatic usb and PS2 kvm Switch 16 Port 1U (KV02-0002)
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Rackmatic usb and PS2 kvm Switch 16 Port 1U (KV02-0002)

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CPU 16 switch ports to be used independently or to chain consoles #RK02 and RK03 as additional switches #to add more ports (up to 128 ports). The switches are linked together to a maximum of 16 units (including the KVM console or main switch). They can also function as autonomous KVM switches to be connected to a keyboard, mouse and monitor.

About Terms Switches connected to a KVM type #RK02 or RK03 #console. These consoles have a HD15 female port for chaining up to 7 switches over. The switches are linked together cable HD15 male/male. Switches connected to a keyboard, mouse and monitor (KVM). Can be chained up to 8 KVM switches using a HD15 cable male/male, because all SWITCHERtadores have two ports HD15 female (one input and one output). KVM Switch Specifications
KVM switch 16 ports. Based control console port VGA (HD15 female), USB keyboard port (type A female) and USB mouse port (type A female). In the back has VGA connectors 16 (HD15 female) by which signals are transmitted VGA, keyboardand mouse of computers to conmuntador. They can coexist based on keyboard and mouse USB or PS2 computers. To based computers PS2 keyboard and mouse, requires separately purchased special connecting cables 3-in-1 (1 x 1 x HD15 male to HD15 male + 2 x MiniDIN6 Male) corresponding to our references #CC5x. To based computers USB keyboard and mouse, requires separately purchasedspecial connecting cables 2-in-1 (1 x HD15 male to male HD15 1 x + 1 x USB A male) corresponding to our references #CC7x. Supported video resolution up to 1920 x 1440 DDC2B compliant. Compatible with Windows, NetWare environments, OS/2, Mac, iMac, Sun, Linux and Unix. Add 16 selection buttons port, each with a bicolor LED state (Ready/Active). PossibilitySelection of active PC key combination from the keyboard console, using the buttons directly or through menu OSD (On Screen Display) touch. Support ACL (Access Control List) for security features that allow you to create groups of computers to control access to authorized users. Multi-language: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Japanese and chino simplified. Programmable automatic scanning of ports 5 to 99 seconds. Allows the stringing more compatible KVM switches (references #KV0x) ports for more controllable from the main console (up to 8 switches chained to a maximum of 128 ports). HD15 has female conectors for stringing KVM switches. To make stringing cable is requiredVGA HD15 Male to HD15 type male with all pins connected, as our reference #VS40. Format rack 19 \"1U that allows installation in a rack or desktop enclosure. Metal housing mounted in black size 470 x 190 x 44 mm. It supplied with power supply 12 VDC (1A). Expansion Modules
Socket has on the back para adding expansion modules via remote console and remote console UTP over TCP/IP. It is a default socket has a metal cover. Simply open the cover and insert the expansion module, leaving the new ports to the rear view. Extension module supports second remote console via LAN or WAN using TCP/IP protocol. This expansion board permite console connection to the Ethernet network.
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