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Video Extender over LAN for 2048x1152 DVI D extender Rextron xtraViU (LP24) ( )

Video Extender over LAN for 2048x1152 DVI-D extender Rextron xtraViU (LP24)
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Video Extender over LAN for 2048x1152 DVI-D extender Rextron xtraViU (LP24)

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DVI-D video extender via the ethernet or USB network of the Rextron xtraViU range. It includes a module that connects to the video server computer through the ethernet network. You can connect as many video servers and extension modules as needed. The installation is simple as it is enough to connect the video extender module to the ethernet network and install the software on the video server computers connected tothe ethernet network. The video is sent over the network and on each video server computer can be mapped as many video modules as desired. In addition to the ethernet network also allows the direct connection of the video extender module to the video server computer via USB cable, ie as if an external USB video adapter was. This video transmission system using the ethernet network canmultiple applications and operations.

Supported Operating and Applications
Video extender on a remote monitor. Visualization of the same video in several remote screens (mirror or mirror). Visualization of multiple extended desktops in several remote screens (extra screen). Display of screen wall or what is the same, the use of several screensto display a single window or desktop. Specifications
DVI-D video extender module via ethernet and USB network. Maximum supported resolution of 2048 x 1152. For the connection to the video server you have RJ45 female connector (Ethernet TCP/IP LAN connection) and USB B female (direct connection via USB 2.0). For connection to monitor, screen or projector, has a 35 cm hose terminated in DVI-D connector. Works with power supply from 5 VDC to 800 mA (included). It allows the transmission of remote video over an already installed ethernet network, because the extender is compatible with the TCP/IP protocol and the existing network electronics. Transmission rate is 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps. Up to 4 units can be connected in onesame network hub at the same time. It has a USB port for making a direct connection to the USB port of the computer that performs the functions of video server. Mode compatible with Mac OS computers. Compatible with Windows environments for ethernet and USB interface. Status LEDs. Module size: 25 x 96 x 68 mm.
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