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Electronic queue management Your Turn 2 character (code 05) (ST05) ( )

Electronic queue management Your Turn 2 character (code 05) (ST05)
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Electronic queue management Your Turn 2 character (code 05) (ST05)

Nr. identyfikacyjny produktu: 2066962
System of management of queues of people through an electronic system of \"your turn\". Complete kit that consists of a 2-digit viewfinder and a wireless push-button that advances the counter. In this way, one attends one, and in an orderly manner, to the people who are waiting.

This \"your turn\" system is programmed with the transmission code 05. This means that the wireless transmitter and the LED display, eThey are programmed into the transmission channel 05. They can coexist with other systems of \"your turn\" programmed in a different channel.

Operating examples
1 viewer + 1 command: The kit that is supplied by default. The simplest and most basic configuration. 1 viewer + several controls: A single viewer that is activated by several commands all configured on the same transmission channel. Each table of atenhas a command that increases the viewer. Several viewers + 1 command: Several viewers that show the turn. A single operator that increases all the viewfinders when pressing the wireless control. The viewfinders and the command must be configured in the same transmission channel. Several viewers + several controls. Several viewers that show the same turn. Several operators with wireless push button. The viewers and the command haveof being configured in the same transmission channel. They can coexist viewers and wireless pulsers, programmed in different transmission codes. In this way you can have several independent \"your turn\" systems in the same environment. For example, several customer service tables, where each table has its own \"your turn\" system. Specifications
Includes viewerLED and wireless remote control, programmed in the transmission channel 05. Viewfinder size 300x240x50mm. Display area of the digits: 4 inches. Incremental counter from 00 to 99. When you reach 99, the next number returns to 00. Housing made of aluminum and plastic, with 2 holes to hang to the wall. The remote control has a single button. To pulsar, the number displayed by the viewer is increased. Acoustic signal when increasing the counter. RESET button on the LCD display. Set the counter to 00. The viewer is plugged directly into the 220 VAC electric current. Easy installation. Simply hang up the viewer, plug in and operate. Possibility of acquiring more remote controls with the same transmission code (reference #ST15). Possibility of acquiring more viewers with the same transmission code (reference #ST05).
Słowa klucze: Electronic queue management Kategoria: Urządzenia usługowe > Sprzęt na targi i wystawy > Inne wyposażenie targów i wystaw
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