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Pipe and drape base 54X54CM (DR04) ( )

Pipe-and-drape base 54X54CM (DR04)
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Pipe-and-drape base 54X54CM (DR04)

Nr. identyfikacyjny produktu: 2065519
Solid metal base having a tap coupled. Size 54X54CM base. Solid base, black in color with handle for easy transport. With each base a spigot that allows it to be coupled to the 3-hole punch that has provided the basis. The risers are coupled to the base, without screws, through the spigot. You can attach up to 3 taps per base. Thus you can connect up to 3 vertical tubes base. It needed more than a tap connection when in the same database has vertical tubes of different heights. Additional taps can be purchased separately (part #DR32).

Introduction to pipe-and-drape system

Pipe-and-drape system, which allows the assembly of tubular steel structures, with matching fabrics. The pipe-and-drape system allows easy distribution of spaces, mounting scenarios, installation of cabins/separations at fairs, cover works, etc.. A pipe-and-drape structure consists of 4 components, which can be pieced together without tools. Assembly is simple and fits any need for the user to have. The 4 components of a pipe-and-drape, structure are:
Base (References #DR0x) square metal bases upon which the structure is mounted. Each bais a vertical tube connects. Standpipe (references #DR1x): Metal column height that the user requires. It is connected to the base by a spigot insertion (no screws). Horizontal tube (references #DR2x): metal beam which is held between two vertical tubes. Fixing to the uprights is accomplished without hardware, easily and quickly. The cloths are hung from horizontal tubesit is. Fabric (DR4x references #, #and #DR6x DR5x) velvet type fabrics (heavy) that are held to a horizontal tube. The fabric features pin available for horizontal tube.
Słowa klucze: Pipe and drape Kategoria: Urządzenia usługowe > Sprzęt na targi i wystawy > Stojaki
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