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Pure wave inverter for photovoltaic PV Axpert KS 4 KVA (UV44 0002) ( )

Pure wave inverter for photovoltaic PV Axpert KS 4 KVA (UV44-0002)
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Pure wave inverter for photovoltaic PV Axpert KS 4 KVA (UV44-0002)

Nr. identyfikacyjny produktu: 2345290
Axpert inverter and charger. Device oriented to be used in photovoltaic (PV) and multi-function solar applications: pure wave inverter, solar charger and battery charger to provide uninterrupted power supply. Its large LCD screen allows the user to program, as well as easy access to the functions thanks to the buttons on the front panel. It offers functions such as load dBatteries, set the priority of the solar charger, etc.

Pure sine wave inverter. Model with capacity of 4000 VA, recommended for a load of up to 3200 W. Input voltage range configurable through the LCD panel. Configuration of the battery charge configurable through the LCD panel. Possibility to configure different modalities of orBased on the priority and availability of solar energy, VAC and battery charge. The VAC input connects to the public power grid or to its own power generation system. Automatic restart while the VAC current is recovering. Protection against overload, temperature and short circuits. Efficient design to optimize the battery charge. FunctionCold start. Compact design, mounted on metal chassis recessed into wall. LCD display, 3 LED status indicators and 4 push buttons for programming. ON/OFF switch and 230VAC/10A circuit breaker. Size (depth x width x height): 115 x 295 x 455 mm. Weight: 9.8 Kg. Connections
VAC current input from the electrical networkOr from other AC generation systems (L, N and G). Current output VAC (L, N and G) that is connected to the domestic or private electrical circuit. Photovoltaic energy input (PV + and PV-). Connection of battery system (POS + and NEG-). RJ45 female communications port. Supplied RS232 serial cable (RJ45 male to DB9 female).
Słowa klucze: Pure wave inverter Kategoria: Urządzenia elektryczne > Źródła zasilania > Nawrotniki i przetwornice elektryczne

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